I met this guy, let’s call him Mr. C a few years ago through a friend. He was everything most girls would want; young, rich and cute. I had only known him for two weeks before he invited me over to his new crib which he had just spent a small fortune furnishing

Going to his house was kind of the first date we were going to have. He came over to my place to pick me up and I looked forward to a pleasant evening. We got to his house and I was impressed with the decor. He had a good and decent place.

After sitting for a while, he said he was hungry. I asked him what he wanted to do about it. Mr C looked at me and told me he had chicken in his freezer that I should go inside and prepare rice so we ( I, himself and a few of his friends who came over) could eat. I was shocked but pretended not to hear him. He said it again loudly and I politely asked him “Why should I cook for you and your friends”?
He looked at me and said, “you are a woman you should know how to put the house in order whenever you are around”. This was the first date. I haven’t known this dude for more than a few weeks and there he was already dictating what I should do or shouldn’t do as a woman.

I declined cooking for him and after 30 minutes he got up, drove to a nearby fast food and bought me rice. I ate the food, told him thanks and asked him to drop me off. The relationship never worked out because I refused to go on more dates with him.

I have nothing against cooking. I will gladly cook a three-course meal, clean the entire house and mop a compound if I want to do it. I, however, will not do any of those things for a guy who thinks it is my responsibility.

Cooking is not a woman’s thing. Cooking is a skill that can be learned by anyone. I am not supposed to cook, be a prayer warrior and always be kind-hearted because I am a woman.

I dumped a potential boyfriend because he asked me to cook and I do not feel bad about it.

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