I Am not really good at writing a composition but the whole thing started around last year November when I lost my job at a reputable company, things became really hard that my ex wife started with her attitude, someone I helped through her schooling, even opened a shop for her after our wedding.
She started losing interest in me because I was broke and there was no more love because I couldn’t meet up to her demands. She became the bread winner around that time, things didn’t go as expected for me, I needed to do a lot of things even pay for the rented apartment we were in and the landlord came with the eviction letter.
Things became really tough that she wasn’t sleeping at home anymore, she would leave home for days and come back home and give me some little change and leave again, she started to live with her aunt and I became so lonely and useless in her eyes.

Eventually when I came up with the apartment money and we paid I decided I wasn’t going to stay with her for a while and go out and look for a job, so as to avoid fight and arguments. She later called me that her boss from the USA was back and she was to go and meet him because they had a meeting to do so I said OK since I usually speak and text with his boss so I allowed her to go. So after I left home I got a job and I frequented coming home to see her and my baby. I later found out she began to lock her phone and I asked her for the password she wouldn’t give it to me so I began to suspect her.
One day I eventually found the password and I unlocked it while she was asleep. I found out through a chat she had with her friend that she had sex with her said boss and she even bought a land without telling me all through the years we were together. I felt so betrayed and angry. I woke her up and asked her about it and she started crying and begging me.
I left home angrily and jilted. I was so devastated that I smoked a lot of weed that day and drank so much beer. I called my mom explained to her and later told her mom too. The next day her mom called me that she wanted to poison herself because of what she did. I sent her boss a message on WhatsApp and that one didn’t even answer me because he knew what he did with my ex wife.
It’s been months now since this happened and her mom calls me almost everyday begging me to forgive and forget but how do I forget, it’s not easy for me because I can be having sex with her and be seeing her boss face.
I blocked her on Facebook and whatsapp but didn’t block her calls or text message because of my baby when I need to send upkeep money. She calls me but I don’t pick up. I know that I can’t be with her anymore but she has the wedding certificate we got at the court wedding. I told her to give the photocopy of the certificate to my mom but she wouldn’t do it.
Guys the reason why I wrote this is who has an idea on how to go about a divorce without the certificate because someone told me the certificate is important for the divorce. I don’t know anything about it and my uncle even said the divorce will cost me a lot of money about 650k. I don’t know it that’s true too. Lol.
Please guys help out here. I have the proof of the chat and the audio conversation of the sex escapade with her boss so that will help in the court. My lovely daughter is 2 years now. How do I even collect my daughter from her. I have left all my property’s for her because of my daughter and am starting my life afresh. Will the court be able to grant me my daughters custody although am not ready to train her myself but I have my mom who can do that for me.
In addition to all of this guy’s if your girl or woman passwords her phone and doesn’t show you her password be very careful she might be cheating because not only did I find out she had sex with her boss I also found out she was also on some random social media nonsense talking to some random guys and all that and that she also bought a land without telling me for 3 years we were together.
Thanks for learning from my story and God bless you guys.
– Nairaland

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