I had risky s*x with my lover at the office where we both work. It was truly incredible. I’d never experienced anyone like her or felt so good about myself. But I knew what I was doing was wrong and would destroy my wife if she found out.
Our affair lasted for three years but then my lover started to go cold on me and admitted I wasn’t enough for her. She told me she’d had an affair with someone else and fallen in love with him. I was gutted.
I am 46 and my wife is 42. We have been married for more than 20 years and have three children. I was a v*rgin when we got together and I’d been faithfully and happily married until I met my lover.
She is nearly 15 years younger. I feel as if I have lost everything since she ended our affair. I live in a constant state of severe depression and nothing can stop me from fixating on her and wishing we could still have our fun together.
My marriage is a sham. My wife and I haven’t had s*x for several years. I stopped feeling attracted to her because of my affair. My wife has no idea why I feel so depressed. She is frustrated by the lack of affection and my constant low mood but I simply have no s*x drive.
I confessed about my affair to a good friend but he was appalled by what I’ve done and doesn’t acknowledge me any more. I feel terrible for cheating and know it would destroy my wife if she ever found out.
My lover and I don’t have a physical relationship any more but we still text. I can’t bear the thought of breaking off communication, even though I know I must.
It is like I am addicted to her. I’m not interested in other women or any other relationship outside my marriage, but I feel as though I have nothing to live for.

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