http://sugarmummy.com.ng/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Yetunde.jpgA married woman has found herself in a state of confusion after engaging in hot s*x with a younger colleague. 
I am happily married but for six crazy months I had great s*x with a man five years younger than me. He has now moved away and I really miss the s*x. I’m a woman of 30 and my husband is 31. We’ve been together for seven years and we don’t argue like most couples — maybe not having children helps.
My husband is my best friend. He’s very laid back, which is great. But sometimes it feels like there’s really no passion between us. A new manager turned up at my work and was put on our sales team.
He said we could all raise our game and get some amazing results. He gave us new training and set new goals. Some of the girls weren’t too happy but I liked the challenge he had set.
One night I stayed late in the office and he was still there, as usual. He sat on my desk and he said my passion for sales had blown him away. 
Two weeks later he invited me out for a drink to say thanks for the effort I’d brought to the team. I had a few glasses of wine and realised how sexy he was — then I started to flirt in a way I hadn’t done for years. He invited me back to his flat to “discuss a new selling approach” and we ended up having sex. It was brilliant.
Soon I was back at his flat two or three nights a week. We never stayed long and my husband never suspected a thing. My life felt exciting again for the first time in years. Then out of the blue my lover was transferred up north and that was the end of our wonderful affair.
I so miss our s*x sessions and don’t know what to do. I just have my husband left to love and it isn’t enough.

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