Here’re 15 Truths Your Girlfriend Will Never Tell You; It Is Better You Know Them Now
There are few interesting things women would rather never tell you about. And sometimes, it is better for your relationship if some things are better left unsaid.
In the case of these 15 things, women do not really care whether or not you know about these things, they’ll just rather not say so themselves.
And, it has to be said; the knowledge of these little secrets does not put your relationship in any form of danger.
Ok? So let’s jump straight into it – 15 truths your babe will never easily admit to you!
1. Her best friend knows more
Her best friend knows more about her than you might ever know. That same best friend probably knows too much about you, too.
Of course, that’s because your girl is always telling her about stuff that happens in your r*lationship.

2. Different sense of timing
When she says, “I’ll meet you in 15 minutes,” It means she’ll be there in like 40 minutes.
But hey, don’t we all know this?

3. She’s not really mad that you’re busy
Even though she may complain that you work too hard, she finds it s*xy watching you put in effort into making yourself [and her] better.
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create time for her though.

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