A young woman has told a really unbelievable story about her weird s*xual involvement with her own father.

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The lady shared her story on yoanswers, an online relationship site, where she poured out her heart.
According to her, she is having s*x with her own father.
She revealed that at the beginning, she was quite upset about the affair, but has recently grown to love sleeping with the man.
This new development has gotten her worried and she now wants out of the sacrilegious affair.
Below is how she told the story:
My name is Thandi and I live with my father.
For security reasons, I may want to hide some other details as I do not want my father to be arrested. All I need are good words on how to get myself out of what my father dragged me into.
My mother died 10 years ago and since then, father has not remarried. Many have ignorantly commended him for having endured for this long. But the truth is that he has practically turned me to his wife. I had tried very hard to make him see reason why he should stop the sacrilegious act of sleeping with me, but he was adamant.
It all started few months before I gained admission to study Mass Communication. While I was preparing to leave the house, my father who is a popular businessman walked up to me in my room and handed me an envelope containing my school fees and other things that I had requested.
I excitedly embraced dad who held unto me for a very long time. I managed to pull myself off his arms. It is difficult to say exactly what daddy told me, but it was obvious that he wanted to have me on bed.

That same night, the thought of daddy’s advances kept ringing on my head, and just as I was thinking, daddy came into my bedroom, forced me on bed. My elder brother was around but had no idea as it was too much an embarrassment to shout over what daddy was doing to me. Of course, he succeeded.
The summary is that since then, daddy has made it a culture to visit me in school. Even though I refused to show him where was staying initially, he said he was only looking for the place to apologize. Unfortunately, that marked the beginning of constant and continued s*xual relationship between daddy and I.
I’m done with my studies, yet we can’t stop having s*x. I think I now enjoy having s*x with my father.
The hatred for him has suddenly declined, and I’m the one who is now jealous. I don’t even want to see any woman around him since I got back from school. Sometimes, it pricks me that what we are into is highly sacrilegious, but such thought would only last for few minutes. Daddy is even more reserved and careful than I’m. I think I now have a big problem.
How do I get out of this? Can this confession even help me when I keep battling with myself over this matter? What do I do please? I need help!

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