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Women enjoy men’s erecti0n, but do they really know how it works? The secrets of it are revealed now!
Knowing these facts is important both for men and for ladies. They can help you to stay healthy and get more pleasure while making love.
Secrets you did not know about the erecti0n:
1. Alcohol makes it weaker
Some people mistakenly think that drinking is the essential part of romance and courting and it can boost the erection. That’s not true. A glass of wine won’t hurt, but anything more can kill the erection. Alcohol widens veins and arteries. The arteries supply the blood to the Pen.!s and that’s good, but at the same time, the veins need to tighten up to keep the blood in the manhood. But they get wider too. So, the blood comes and goes, and the man loses firmness in his vital organ.
2. Types of erection
You thought there was just one, right? Well, men are full of surprises. They have the morning wood or something called a nocturnal erection. It happens involuntarily at night or in the morning. The other kind is known as the psychogenic erection, and it is evoked by lustful thoughts or fantasies. And there is the good old one evoked by touches.
3. You can make him bigger and firmer
How do you do that? Well, use your mouth instead of the hand or other body parts. The difference in size can be significant!
4. The banana shape
Some men have bent Pen.!ses. They much resemble the banana shape when erected
5. Make him stop
If the guy masturb@tes regularly, his manh00d becomes weaker and smaller, when erected. So, if you wish to get the real thing, make him stop!
6. C0nd0ms are not the best friends
Some men are unable to attain a healthy erection using c0ndoms. They are not faking it.
7. Fat men don’t do good in bed
Being overweight lowers the level of male hormones in the body, and the erect!on becomes less firm

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