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1. DON’T CALL IT QUITS ON LOVE: DON’T GIVE UP! Just because one relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean that the rest won’t. Unless you take the highly unlikely route of deciding to become a nun, you won’t be single forever. You may want to take yourself out of the game for a while to heal and rebuild/rediscover who you are, but don’t give up! You are an amazing person who deserves to be loved, and one day you’ll find it! This breakup has brought you one step closer to finding the one. You’ve got this, girl

2. DON’T START RANTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA: It’s OK to be sad; really, it is! But don’t post every emotion you feel every time you feel it on your Twitter and Facebook page. Sad Taylor Swift lyrics. Angry subtweets. Talking about your hopelessness and sadness. Remember that people other than your ex will see these posts and judge accordingly. You’re strong and can make it through—feel sad and showcase these emotions in a more private way. Talk to your friends, family, a counselor, or my personal favorite: Write a journal.

3. DON’T TRY AND MAKE HIM JEALOUS: Don’t rub your new “singleness” in his face. Posting a picture with a guy or being at the same party as your ex and flirting with every guy there may seem like good ways to make him jealous—and it may work, but what’s the point? It will make you look immature (and even a little bit crazy) and will probably lead to nothing but a fight or some bad feelings toward each other. Remember, jealousy is a two-way street: Do you want your ex to do that kind of stuff to make you jealous? Didn’t think so.

4. DON’T CRY OVER OLD PICTURES AND TEXT MESSAGES: Look how happy we were…oh, he was so sweet, he sent me the nicest text on my birthday. Those days are over, so snap out of it. Looking back at your old relationship will do nothing but make you sad and wonder how and why things went wrong. Delete the texts and pictures or put them in an old box in the back of your closet—out of sight, out of mind.
5. DON’T STALK HIM ON SOCIAL MEDIA: WHOSE SELFIE DID HE JUST LIKE? Why does this girl always like his picture? Omg he did not just post a picture with a girl. Wait, he’s going out tonight, he’s totally going to hook up with…STOPPPPP. Nothing good can come out of stalking your ex’s social media. Nothing you see will make you feel better and you’ll probably just overanalyze everything he posts and drive yourself crazy. So if you really want to get over him, delete him. Don’t look at his page. Ever.

6.  DON’T RUSH INTO NEW RELATIONSHIPS: There’s nothing better than other guys showing interest in you after a breakup. However, the odds are you’re emotionally unavailable. You get a rush from the prospect of a new relationship and give it a try—well, don’t. Rushing into a relationship is really just using your new boyfriend to fill a void that he can’t fill. It’s unfair to him and quite frankly, you’ll be the asshole here.

7. DON’T OVERHYPE HIM: He may be a great guy, but don’t put him on a pedestal—remember that you guys broke up for a reason. If you ever want to get over him, don’t compare every guy to him and think you’ll never do better because you probably can and will.

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