Nigerian love doctor, Joro Olumofin has given another relationship advice and this time, he speaks solely to the ladies.
According to him, ladies who have been dating a guy for half a year are obligated to telling their boyfriend their ‘sexual activity history’ which he calls SAH for short.
He took to his page to share,
If you’ve been dating a guy for at least 6 months he deserves to know your Body Count & Sexual Activity History. For a relationship to Reach its Self Actualized State, honesty and full disclosure is paramount.
A lot of ladies hide their ages and number of sexual partners from their boyfriends. This is wrong. Your boyfriend deserves to know your Body Count (BC) and (SAH) sexual activity history if you’re not a Virgin. He should also share his.
This will bring a blank slate ( Tabula Rasa ) into the relationship. A true man is meant to take you as you are with every line and curve. Sit your boyfriend down and tell him today.

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