Plus sized Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka, is gradually becoming one of the most sought after stars in the movie industry, despite her chubbiness.

Revealing to Inside Nollywood, the weirdest place she had had sex, the daring screen diva recalled her adventurous encounter in a pool.

The weirdest place I’ve had sex is in the pool. We were not caught because it was a private pool. It was worth the while, you just have no idea (laughs). In fact, I love adventures, they feed the soul,” she noted.

The Anambra State born thespian, who loves to flaunt her feminine assets, also revealed that she has never been in a serious relationship with any man but enjoys sexual intimacy when needed.

“I’ve never really dated anyone all my life. It’s funny but true. I’m just learning to truly give love a chance now. I’m too sensitive. I thought not dating at all was best to avoid heartbreaks. Well, I’m not saying I’m a virgin oh, I said I didn’t date. I didn’t say I don’t have sex. However, I can stay without sex for as long as I want to. I’m not a freak on sex. But when I get it, I get it real good” she said

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