Read the email sent by the confused lady below:
Dear Bunmi,
My boyfriend is the same age as me – 26 – and I’m worried about him. Our s*x life is great, but once it’s over, he suddenly changes and becomes depressed.

He even cried a couple of times and then left a sad man. I’m used to men turning over and going to sleep after s*x, but his behaviour is weird, to say the least. Do you think he has hormone problems?
Read the response she got:
Dear Linda,
Orgasms often produce immediate after-effects in men and women. Hormones are partly to blame, although emotions – including love, as well as fears about s*x are important too.
Most people feel relaxed, and you’re not alone in finding men rolling over and dozing off after s*x. But your boyfriend’s reaction is extreme, and it sounds as if s*x makes him feel guilty and anxious.
The problem might improve as he becomes more confident with you, if not, then, encourage him to have a word with his doctor unfailingly.
Have you ever experienced this? free feel to share your views.

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