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I met a girl I thought meant the world to me, recently we were together on a date, I took her phone to check on as her boyfriend, she was enviously monitoring what I was checking on it.

I decided to check her inbox and found out she deleted every message we exchange together, to my greatest shock I show a text messages she sent to someone she stored his name in alphabet, where she's confessed feelings to the guy and did talk about marriage whilst the guy barely sent her up to two messages.

I confronted her about the messages and the guy, she told me her neighbour used her phone to send those messages to boyfriend, at that moment I believed because my brain wasn't working. I’m simply saying my feelings for her overclouded my senses.

It was when I got home and ponder about it that I realized she has made fool of my feelings.

I'm heartbroken. What should I do; confront her again and break up or continue playing along? I love her so much.

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