Image result for black couple breakup pics1. Mouth Odor
The senses of women are three times higher than a man, this makes them very sensitive to odor.
So if you are the type who hates cleaning your mouth and think a woman will fall for you because you’re rich, then you better think again.

She might stand it for some time but if you don’t do anything about it, she’s likely to leave. If it’s a medical condition seek help immediately.
2.Body Odour
Just like mouth odour, body odour also brings the same results. If you know you have a pungent smell and your girlfriend has complained about, just deal with it before she pack her bags.
3. Cowardice
A woman can stand many things but not a man who is a coward. One of the many things a woman really need from a man is protection but if at the slightest prank you take to your heels and leave her behind, she will start looking for other options.
4. Premature expulsion
If you’re rich and have a PE problem, then we will advise you use that money to cure your PE problem than to think a woman will not mind because you’re rich

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