1 : Fake Identity ;

You see a guy's request on social media especially that Facebook with a celebrity picture as dp or cover photo and then you go to check the real profile only to see him snapping in front of canal or taking shots on the highway with half bottle of star.

Really guys ? Really? To what end?

2 : Silly compliments ;

You see comments like "as I see you I see the moon and the stars" Bro it's daytime  now.
"You are my sun in the midst of the storm " like seriously ? At least get a literature book and recite your lines.

3 : Sending pictures without being asked ;

Guys seriously if you do this you need to top up your game like that's the height of low self esteem, especially when the pictures come with terrible backgrounds honestly don't expect a lady to answer you
4 : Funny Names :

  You gets a notification and it's a message from "Dope Nigga sh*t " oh !! What a name.(rolls eyes***)
 Such a name is a big turn off and for me personally I don't fancy guys who don't spell out their names correctly. You spell shola as shawler or David as Daywhvid. It shows unseriousness in most cases.

5 : Proud Guys ;

You gets a message like " Hello pretty am chatting with you with my iPhone6" like seriously thats too  childish  or some immediately you reply Hi back they start telling you their history and life achievements so far and I will just be like "Guy what's the driving force behind this epistles" one annoying thing about this set of guys is that they turn insulting all of a sudden if you don't reply them. Well who really cares? Lol.

6 : Profs in English Language ;

Okay this ones are just damn funny.... you see mesages like "thanks for the  acceptance offered"  "your acceptance is my delight " or  those that will go ahead to send pictures of Mr Bean giving acceptance speech. Really

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