o know that you and your partner are not on the same wavelength when it comes to commitment and readiness to settle down; to know that he’s not ready for marriage like you, here are the signs you will see.

1. Not eager to meet your friends and family

He hasn’t met your family or friends and he’s not eager to. If you were interested in marrying someone, wouldn’t you want to know who their friends and family are? So, If he doesn't want to attend your parents' anniversary party with you, then he probably isn't thinking of them as his future in-laws.

2. He dodges marriage discussions

Does he try to escape marriage discussions? Does he suddenly remember that he has errands to run and tasks to complete on his laptop whenever you try to steer the conversation to marriage and commitment? Well, he’s likely not ready for what you are going to suggest.

If he would rather be anywhere else but in that conversation every time you try to bring it up, best believe that unlike you, he’s not ready for it just yet.

3. He expressly says so

If he honestly says he’s not ready, that’s the ultimate signal of his reluctance to get into anything serious. It’d be ill-advised to try to force him or cajole him into it. If he’s willing and ready to settle down with you, he’ll be just as amped about the whole idea as you are.

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