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being too much of a nice guy
women dont base their choices of men on how nice they are. they choose guys because they feel a very powerful attraction for them. and being nice doesnt make a lady feel that kind of attraction. it probably doesnt make a lot of logical sense but its true.

trying to convince her to like you

what do most guys do when they meet a girl they like and she doesnt feel the same way?
they try to convince her to feel differently. YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE HOW A WOMAN FEELS BY BEING PERSISTENT IN TRYING TO CONVINCE HER. you probably would just end up irritating and annoying her.

trying to buy her attention with food and money

how many times have you bought things for a lady and she rejects you for someone not nearly as nice as you?
probably a lot of times.
most women see this as a sign of unnecessary compensation for insecurity and weak attempts at manipulation.
thinking that all it takes is money and looks

this is a mistake almost all guys make. most women are interested in far more than a man's looks and his wallet.
there are certain personality traits that are magnets to women and if you just know how to use them, you can win any girl's heart. confidence goes a long way in winning a woman.

giving all your power to a woman

some men make the mistake of trying to get a girl to like them by doing everything she wants or tells them to do all in the name of being caring and romantic.
WOMEN ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO WEAKLINGS. a woman wants a guy that knows what he's doing and can control her even a little. 

beating up a woman to gain her respect

some men make the mistake of thinking by beating up their woman they are exerting a kind of control and are going to be respected more by the woman.
this mentality is wrong. a woman tends to lose respect for a man that beats her and as time goes on she slowly starts loosing feelings and finally leaves the man....

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