1. They Make Sure They Wear An Unseductive Dress

Religious ladies make sure they dress unseductively.They're not like ladies that do wear "Gown" that only covers half of the breast and butt.Religious ladies dress like that because they know some guys can be having sexual arousal towards them.They dress to avoid any arousal of sex.

2. Refuses To Hug

They refuse hugging their boyfriend at his house.They do think hugging is a sin.Because when they both hug, she feels as if he has touched her boobs through hugging.You can't ever see a religious lady giving you a hug but she prefers a handshake.

3. They Talk About The Bible Or Quran

They love asking questions about the bible or quran."Who's the father of Isaac"? And the guy will be like "What the hell is wrong with her".They love preaching and talking about their religion belief.Sometimes, it makes the day boring for the guy.
4. They Hate You Playing Action, Love Or Adventurous Movies

They detest you playing those movies for them because they do know some of the movies contain sinful scenes like "Sex".They prefer watching a religious movies, or nothing.

5. Decline Food And Drinks

Whenever you offer them something to eat or drink, they refuse taking it buh only ask for a glass cup of water.They always caution themselves not to fall victim of molestation or being rape through the food or drinks.

6. There Make Sure There's Gap Between She And You

They make sure there's distance between both of you.They avoid close distance.Religious ladies don't want to destroy her personality and don't want to feel anything guilty.They know guys do have a belief that when a lady visits him, he must take advantage of her.

7. They Avoid Making Use Of Make-ups

You can't a religious lady using make up kits like "Powder, lipsticks etc.They don't want to allure the guy so that he won't demand for sex.

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