1. Nature has blessed us with nicer facial features: We are just effortlessly pretty. Even for the few of us that are not so pretty, we only need to apply one, two make up with some accessories to match and dang, you have a victoria secret model! 

2. We look very good in all dress I dont care if its casual dress or if she is dressing for an occassion, her figure just accentuates and increases the market appeal of her dress. No wonder we are used as models/super models.

We are se.xier Yes of course! Do i need to explain further, ask dem guys. Oooooh slim girls we rock 

Every woman wants to be slim Awwww. This is the icing! It just lets us know we have nothing to worry about when it comes to looking good cos we garrit 

5. Men parade us more Who wouldnt? Lol oh my who wouldnt want to show the world that he got a beautiful quality woman? LOL I hate to say this fat/extra flesh is cheap. Anybody can be thick, but only some can afford to stay slim. 

We are fragile Fragility is to feminity. Men love women who they can carry, "flip", play dirty with easily No body likes doing heavy work after working 6-6 Lol 

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