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Sometimes, your personality, desires, attitude or character can be the very reason why you find yourself easily used and manipulated by women. If you find yourself in any of the categories below, it would be wise enough for you now to dust your ass and retrace your steps!!! Below are some types of guys that are easily manipulated by women: 

1) #The Se.x Freak#: Se.x is surely, one formidable tool that women have been using to manipulated men by constantly draining them both financially and emotionally from time immemorial!!! If you are sex freak, you would do anything she requests for in order not to lose the opportunity to have access to regular se.x! In the long run, you might find yourself spending more than half of your monthly income on her! Being able to control your sexual desires can greatly help you in avoiding the situation of you being a slave to babes!!! 

2) #The Love-starved Guy#: I know guys who go about looking for love as if it was their destiny  Though, it’s not bad to search for love but when you show too much obsession for it, you could be easily used by ladies. Why would you beg a babe to date you?  Promising her that you would take care of her or do anything for her? You must be a 21st century mugu!!! When you do this, you have laid yourself on the ground to be trampled on and used in the long run!!!
3) #The Emotionally-weak Guy#: Emotionally weak guys are easily used by women. Such guys tend to exhibit attitudes such as desparation, inexperience and romantic foolishness! They can’t say ‘No’ to a lady’s demand at all times…I call them ‘Yes Men’ It is this type of guy that will continue to call a babe up to 78 times, knowing fully well that she doesn’t want to pick his call . He can easily change his important plans just to please a woman who doesn’t even have an atom of love for him. He can starve himself for a babe just to provide her those expensive goodies she has requested for!

4) #The Show Guy#: You wan show yourself abi?  Your last money on earth is 5k…you don’t know where and when the next money will come yet you would still go ahead to take her to an expensive eatery in order to show her that you can provide her needs. This is where you end up spending almost all the money; if she tells you that she needs this and that and you discover that the bill would take almost all the cash, it would be advisable to tell her the plain fact! Emotionally strong dudes are not afraid to say the facts confidently but emotionally weak dudes are!!! If this is the case, you can be easily used by the babe because she would easily notice this. Nor worry, the owu wey go blow you still dey do road walk! 

5)#Struggling Guys That Have Taste For Beautiful Women#: This category of guys are very prone to being used and manipulated by ladies. I once opened a thread on struggling guys. If you are a struggling guy with a low income, please face your front! In other words, face the most important things in your life and stop drooling over beautiful babes abeg! These girls will only end up using you when they become aware that you don’t have the wherewithal or resources to live up to their expectations. Heart-break and emotional trauma are the end-resuls! Imagine the situation…you are struggling and she’s so pretty and hot with so many men wanting her with their numerous offers! What do you expect to get if not being used? You nor get money but you wan chop Owerri soup! . I fear you o!

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