Image result for black couple co workersWe ladies know it can be quite tasking balancing a relationship with a full-time job, especially if he has a different job from yours. Some of us, whether as a first or last resort, take to dating a co-worker.
This can be very easy to fall into, because the more time you spend in the office together, the more likely it is that you get close to this your male co-worker. It is a natural process and happens a lot. However, some people go beyond a friendship and start dating their co-worker. Many women like to keep their affair under wraps and away from the office right? So what could be the reason for it? Well, whatever the reasons, let’s consider some hard truths about dating the office hottie.

1. Dating a co-worker leads to gossip

When a person dates a fellow colleague, ultimately other people in the office will start gossiping about the relationship. This might not go down well with the boss. Therefore, if one dates a coworker, the affair should be kept as a secret. People may start to question if you got a promotion or an incentive because of your relationship with Bob the HR Guy. Be prepared for the office rumour mill. 
2. Personal difference might lead to trouble

In every relationship, there might be arguments and fights in a relationship. Unfortunately, you don’t get to storm off to work and leave your problems at home. They are following you to work and you have to deal with them all day. This might affect professional relationships.

3. Breaking up is difficult

Breaking up an affair with a co-worker is all the more difficult, for the simple reason that you both have to work in the same office! The tension may cause someone to resign or ask to transfer.

4. Dating the boss: Win or Lose

This situation can take you at a higher position or you could end up losing your job. Dating the boss means there will most likely be special preferences: from rewards to bonus and references. However, this might not go well with the other co-workers in the office. Eventually, people may come to doubt if you occupy certain positions or are given certain benefits because of merit or because of who you’re romancing. If you want people to focus on your professional abilities, then this may be one area you may want to avoid.

I’m not saying don’t date a coworker, I’m simply trying to state the truth: dating a coworker could lead to problems. The biggest hazard of workplace relationships is that it may end. You both have to have a conversation about what happens if you break up.

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