Ten Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Indulge In Sex When You Haven't Marry.

1. First of all, you won't ever have to worry about getting pregnant, you will never experience the fear and anxiety of having to tell your parents, "I'm pregnant.." or "I got my girlfriend pregnant".Pregnancy should be a happy announcement after marriage.

2. You will never have to worry about getting "STD"[Sexually Transmitted Disease].

3. You'll be free to grow emotionally, psychologically, intellectualy and spiritually.

4. You will feel good about yourself, knowing that you didn't give in to your partner pressure.
5. By not falling into "the se x-trap" , you're building your psychological strength and self-esteem.

6. You will be setting an example for others, siblings, friends and people around you, showing them that s exual activity can be avoided.

7. You will be protecting your own reputation, no lady wants to be known as "Loose" or "Olosho", no guy wants the reputation of being a "Stud" or "Maniaks".

8. You will known for certain that he or she cares about you for who are and not just for your physical person.

9. You will be free to channel your energies into healthy activities such as Reading, Studies, Sports, etc.

10. The last buh not least... You will learn not confuse love with se x.S ex can be spontaneous and brief (A One Night Stand).Love takes time to grow and lasts forever.

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