Popular relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has advised ladies to stay away from marriage if they aren’t financially stable.

He says before a single lady should start thinking about marriage, she must be earning at least N150,000 a month. He says this is for your security and sanity in marriage.
He revealed most women go into marriages with hopes that the man will take care of everything, but they end up unhappy but can’t leave because they’re not independent.
He wrote;
If you’re a single lady and you’re not earning at least N150,000 a month you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage yet. This is for your own security & sanity in marriage. Based on hundreds of mails I receive daily from posters. I’ve noticed a trend in behavior : Commitment before finances. Most ladies go into marriage with the hopes that the man will take care of everything .
“Some even see marriage as their way out of responsibilities such as paying bills, etc. A lot of married women are unhappy in their homes but can’t leave because they are not independent, some don’t even have transport money to go back to their parents house. Secure the bag first

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