Not only one or two ladies have this problem of having to deal with oversize d**ks ...Has there been any solutions yet?
Woman worried over her man's over size penis. 
Over sized p enis, Marriage fright and Witches in relationships are what  had to deal with this week. These things are tough calls but I found a way of getting possible solutions.
thanks you for having my sex problem put on your famous column. I’m Merissa and I am totally embarrassed every time I think of having sex with this man I fell in love with two months ago. There is no doubt that we are madly in love with each other but what is making our relationship strenuous is the fact that, he has an extra-large penis. Deep down, I know I can’t take that in but he is getting frustrated with my constant denials. I saw his manhood onetime at the beach and even my friend; we went with, started giggling. It’s really embarrassing but what do I do? Don’t want to lose him. Please help me
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Dear Merissa,
It’s a tough situation and quite honestly, there is nothing you can do about it. I understand you guys love each other deeply and not having sex after 2-3 months into your relationship calls for worry. What I would tell you is this; you need to tell him what the situation is. You won’t deny your man sex forever and repeat the words ‘I love you’ to him every time. It will get him irritated or might, to an extreme extent, influence him to rape or leave you.
My candid advice is to tell him what’s in your mind and as for the other option, just get ready to take in the big man! Yes, because if you don’t want to lose him then take him in. he can’t continue to get excuses after excuses from the same woman he loves. So tell him!

Dear Omolove, I am called Jude and I have been with this lady for close to 5 years now. We cohabit. Every time I bring up marriage, she gets angry and even leaves the house. I don’t understand her behavior and reactions lately. Is it that she doesn’t want to get married at all or just to me? I say so because last two years, she was the one asking me to go see her parents, now I am completely confused. She’s taken five years of my life and we share a son. What do I do?
Jos, Nigeria

Hello Jude,
There is nothing as noble as a man asking a woman’s hand in marriage. If she’s not happy with the idea of getting married to you after five years together then she may never get ready. It’s sad given the fact that you both share a son but instead of spending the rest of your lives regretting your marriage, I will advice you both take time off and re-think what you really want.
She may have tangible reasons for her anger every time marriage is raised in your conversations. She may be scared or just something petit. Honestly, talk together about taking a short break apart, it’s a huge risk sweetheart but if after a short while you both can’t stay without each other, then marriage it is. But if otherwise, then let it go! Just pray and fast about this ok?

My name is Nnamdi and I am 27 years old. I have been with Caro for 2 years now and we just had a child last year and I planned of tying the knot with her this year. But I was shocked when at the revival program in our church last two weeks Friday, she was said to have been a witch. I used to see some things at night like she praying to some stature but I thought it was their family tradition but now I realize she was worshiping ‘another god’ in our house. I’ve been so worried since then and I need your help.
Ondo State, Nigeria

Dear Nnamdi,
First of all, do you believe in ‘witchcraft’ or are you superstitious? I understand it’s a tough call and trust has been breached but also think about it carefully. You failed to mentioned if she was delivered from  that demonic force in your mail and if she was, then there is nothing to worry about because God is in total control. Unless you are telling me, you don’t believe that your pastor didn’t do his job.

Africa is full of these beliefs and I’m not saying you don’t have the right to leave her or be mad but also give her a chance here. Maybe she was under a spell or something like that. Except your same pastor said she was from an underwater spirit, then I will advise you to take your son and out you go!
But don’t fail to pray profusely about this. Its spiritual and should be delt with like it is – spiritually! Be brave and be a man about this.

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