Sex moves to avoid
A lot of s ex acts could either cause women to run out the door, o
r leave her with a very terrible sevx experience.
If you do not want to be the kind of man that makes her shudder in disgust when she talks about you to her friends, then avoid these 5 things in bed.
1. Poor Hygiene: You should never get into bed with  her if you know you are less than clean down there. Nothing ruins the mood as much as when she takes off your trousers and a terrible odor invades her nose.

2. Fumbling: If you lack confidence in the bedroom, do not let this show by fumbling around her parts. She is a human being, not a car engine, and she should be treated with care and delicacy. If you struggle with such fundamentals as breasts and buttocks, and if you mention the cli toris or g-spot, you are likely to be met with either a glazed, doleful expression or a nervous twitch and a sudden need to flee.
3. Money shot: Some men have a problem differentiating between se x with a real woman and porn. This sometimes make them decide to pose in their favourite porn move when they are about to orga sm. The swiftly rearrange themselves in order to “come” into contact with the woman’s face. Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that jumping at a woman’s face with an erect penis is more likely to terrify her than turn her on. Secondly, contact between eye and semen is very uncomfortable, even quite painful. Ending a good sex session with terror and pain isn’t normally classed as a good night out.

4. The slip: This is very common, and very unwelcome. Men who have had no previous discussion with their partner about anal sex, decide to slip their member into the other hole. This usually involves having s ex doggy style, and at some point during the proceedings, they 'accidentally. slip it into the wrong orifice. No woman is buying that excuse.
5. Ex Tales; Constantly comparing her to your ex or any other woman is a 'no no'. You can't just go, 'your boobs are so much bigger than Sandra's,' or 'Bisi used to love it when I...' while with your partner. Keep your awesome/terrible ex se x experiences to yourself.

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