Image result for black couple so inloveLove is a beautiful thing and it comes with an amazing feeling when the person you love loves you back in return but when you keep doubting if your partner loves you that feeling is always awful.
“I think he/she likes me but I’m just not sure, What do you think?” “How many times have you said this to a friend? Even if you’ve only said it once, you’ll know what a roller coaster of emotions you felt, not knowing basically means that you’re in limbo”. You really really want him to love you, but since he hasn’t said anything you just don’t know.

While some people are really slow to revealing their feelings, some might be giving you all the signs you need to know. “But there are also instances when he’s giving you mixed feelings and the likelihood is that he/she just hasn’t fallen in love with you, it’s a total nightmare so before you have a full-on nervous breakdown over this, let’s take a look at some pure signs if your partner is in love with you for real”.
He/she wants to talk to you all the time
He/she remembers the little things
You are his/her priority
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What you say matters to him/her
He/she involves you in his life
He/she is your biggest fan
He/she does things your way
He/she eulogises you to his/her friends

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