Black woman thinking
Everyone says it's a man's world, but this saying shouldn't prevent you as a woman from speaking your mind about certain issues especially when it's extremely pleasing or totally discomforting. And when you do, it should be with confidence.
Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are seven things every woman reading this should be able to say with confidence:
1. No: You shouldn't feel about refusing to be dragged into a certain situation which you know will be uncomfortable for you.

2. I did the job: You shouldn't lie to your boss that the good work was a team effort when you did the job alone, don't be scared to take credit for your work.
3. Thank you: Respect is reciprocal, always learn to say "Thank you" even to your subordinates.
4. I feel beautiful: You should learn to appreciate yourself. Beauty is deep inside and only you can show it.

5. I need help: You won't be seen as weak if you seek help when you can't do the job alone. Seek assistance where needed and do it politely.
6. I want this salary: It's a cut throat world, and you won't get what you want if you don't ask for it. As a working woman there's no need to think you deserve less than the salary you are aiming for, learn to negotiate.

7. I'm not happy: You deserve all the happiness you can get, and learn to address rather than avoid upsetting issues. Don't be afraid to speak to the person who is causing you to be unhappy.

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