Image result for 6 signs she is not enjoying what you are doing in bedOf course, things will be a lot less complicated if everyone finds it easy to simply open up and tell their partners what they are doing wrong and how they like to be pleasured. However, this is not the case.
Being with your woman means you look out for how she responds to you, letting you know if you are doing things the way she likes it. Below are signs she is not having as good a time as you think.
1. No Vag inal discharge: A hor ny woman is a wet woman. However, this does not mean any time she is not gushing with wetness, she is not loving it. It might just be due to biological reasons  but the point is, she should be at least somewhat wetter when is she is aroused.
2. She is not active: When a woman arches her back, lift her butt or grab you towards her, all to make the penetration deeper, it means she is loving it. A natural reaction for women enjoying sex is for them to get the man to fill her deeper.
3. Something about the sounds: Women know that men love it if they make some sounds during sex, so they do so, even if they are not having fun, to please you. How do you know the difference? A real sex moans will sound like it is out of control. There will be changes in pitch, length, interval and overall tone, depending on how intense she is feeling. But if you notice she just keep making one particular mo
4. She is in a hurry: When you notice that your partner keeps telling you to skip the foreplay and just assumes the position, this is because she has already given up hope of actually enjoying sex with you. She wants the bare minimum and she wants it to be over as soon as possible.
5. She tells you she cu ms, everytime: Now listen up, yes she should have an orgasm, but if you have been with her loads of times and her answer every time you ask her if she has an orgasm is 'yes', then she is most likely lying. It is unlikely that she orgasms every single time you have sex but she will keep telling you what you want to hear. If she tells you the time she did not get there, it means she had fun, but is also giving you a chance to rectify things. That way, when she does tell you 'yes' then you know she is being honest.
6. No cuddle time: Intimacy, for most women, is about emotion. So if she gets up and leave or turns over to sleep as soon as you are done, without even taking a second to let you hold her in your arms, then she is probably not feeling you. After really good sex, she wants to catch her breath and be close to you, at least for a few minutes.

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