It's a duty you owe yourself as a single lady to be the best you can be before getting married. These things would form experiences that'll make you better and wiser.
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Inspired by Marriage.com, here are 10 things every woman must do before getting married
1. Learn how to cook - Not because it shows how domesticated you are but because you can confidently whip up something if you really don't feel like eating out.

2. Chase your hobbies - Learn what you've always wanted to learn, just do it. Time waits for no one.
3. Get heartbroken- It makes you stronger and wiser.
4. Know how you feel about having children- Kids change your approach to life, ,so plan carefully with your partner.
5. Travel - You'll really love the experiences and it'll make you a more confident woman.

6. Experiment with your looks - Go natural, funky hairstyles or anything you wish to do, keep photos for memories.
7. Appreciate yourself more - Know that you earned it because you worked hard.
8. Learn some essential skills- Driving, swimming and more, it'll help you during emergencies and make you more confident.
9. Set financial goals for yourself - As much as you want to spend it all, learn to set reasonable financial goals for yourself and you'll be proud you did.

10. Get in shape - Exercise and get fit, make a resolve to have the best body ever.
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