A Twitter user is currently trending on social media, after he revealed that he has been smashing his younger sister, and she’s 3 months pregnant with his baby.
Identified as @gurujeremy2 on Twitter, he says they’re in love, and their kind of relationship is unique.

According to Jeremy, their parents don’t of their unique relationship, but they soon will. He tweeted.
Me and my sister have a love that goes beyond the legal system. Some call it incest, we call it fate
Our parents don’t know but they will soon cuz she actually 3 months pregnant with my daughter/niece
Me and my baby sister. Cutest couple ever. I love her . The world will never understand the bond we have
Honestly I didn’t know dating your half siblings was a bad thing. We’re foreign we don’t understand these things
It ain’t insects if we only half related
Ok but that is my baby sister and we is f–ing so what else should I say?! Lol

When questioned, he revealed that they are of different mother, but of the same father.

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