A young lady, who began sneaking into clubs at 17, drinking, smoking, and letting herself be used by guys, has shared how she gave her life to Christ two and a half years ago and how her life has changed since then.
Nia Cerise now has a large following on Twitter and YouTube where she inspires other young people. She also goes to universities all over the UK to speak
See her tweets below;

21/2 years ago I was saved by Jesus Christ & never looked back.
From drinking, smoking, swearing, gossip, sneaking into clubs @ 17, selfhate, & being used by guys, Jesus saved me, & has now used me to impact over 800,000+ souls with the Gospel in 7 out of 8 continents. He lives

“Some of us are saying we need deliverance but the reality is that in some cases what you need deliverance from is the people you have around you that keep pulling you back into the world”
“Daddy God I love you soo much, there’s no love like Yours, there’s no presence like Your own”
She also spoke on pre-marital sex; “Did you know that the Bible says “love is patient” so a guy telling you that he loves you so much he just has to have sex with you you RIGHT NOW, is not love – it’s lust”

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