1. Negligence in converting napkins

3 Things women should never do while on their periodFriends, how are you. today I talking about girls Periods. Periods are made natural in girls but many girls do not like periods. Some girls have a lot of pain in the period and they become very upset. What should we take note of today\’s portraits in our post today?
Friends, During the period it is very important that sanitary napkins change every three hours. If you use clothes then use cotton linen, and it should also be changed frequently over a 3-4 hour interval which is why you will be safe from infection and also there is no problem of odor.

2. Wearing very tight clothes

It is not a good idea to wear very tight clothes during the periods. In these days, you should wear comfortable clothes or even irritability.

3. Unprotected relation


Do not make unprotected relations even as you can get pregnant even after unprotected relations during periods.There may be an infection after developing unprotected relationships during periods.

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