''Wellbehaved and respectful women are the ones that snatch other women's husband'' Nigerian man saysA Nigerian man identified as @walejana on Instagram said from his research, it is women that are well behaved and respectful to men that tend to snatch other people’s husbands and not ugly and trashy women as usually expected.
Read what he wrote below;
Whenever they say a woman is a husband snatcher I always try to see what the woman is like. You would expect a trashy woman; the type that chews gum loudly and rolls it on her hand but what I have discovered is that these other women are very well behaved and respectful, they make the man feel superhuman, that is a feeling every man cannot do without.
If a man has to choose between a beautiful woman who makes him feel like nothing and a ugly woman who makes him feel like king, he will choose the ugly woman!
How a man feels around you is important. Please don’t get me wrong I am not saying you should not say the obvious and disagree with him when you should but you need to make that man feel special. Many women have plates and cutlerries they reserve for special guests. Who should be more special than your husband?
Some women are so ungrateful that even when the husband goes out of his way to do exceptional things like buying surprise gifts they still don’t appreciate it, things like that can kill a man. If your husband buys you a gift be grateful and let it show! He did it to make you happy, don’t rob him of the pleasure he derives from seeing you excited!
Ladies, you need to know this; if a man sleeps in heaven and worships with the angels then he comes to his house and you make him feel like nothing, its just a matter of time before he leaves you. If a man is loved and celebrated by many people but in his house he is treated like trash, he will soon leave! Respect and honor is like fresh air to a man, he will NOT live without it.
The bible says about the Proverbs 31 woman in verse 26 “the law of kindness is on her lips”

Any woman who honours your husband more than you can seduce him! I know some men are useless o but the sexiest weapon in a woman’s arsenal is respect, honor and the ability to speak right words.
Before I got married, there was one girl that used to tell me “you cannot afford the kind of wedding I want” but my wife used to call me “my king”. Who do you think I married?
Women may you embrace and crave wisdom as you love human hair in Jesus name.
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