A Nigerian woman has been left in a state of total confusion as she’s been put in a place to make life changing decision – according to the lady, her boyfriend has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in a foreign land and he’s asking that she wait for him.
The lady, who’s 29 now, met the said convict when she was much younger, during her IT days, after a while, he traveled abroad and she stopped hearing from him.
Later on, she got to hear that he was indicted – he was eventually sentenced to 15 years in prison and he is begging her to wait for him for 15 years after which he will return and pay her bride price.
She also said he has vehemently objected to her marrying another man, though he hasn’t married her traditionally, in court or in church.
He also gave her a second suggestion, which is to come abroad and visit him in prison so he can get her pregnant then she will birth his child.
Read her below and the advice she got from some people,

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