You may be amaze why that guy said hello to you or excuse me.You look familiar, etc.Though,you already know what he is up to.But you just pretend as if you are a novice.Well,he want to woo you.
The qualities that attracted him to make the move towards her are listed below.Different strokes for different folks.
1.Her cur ves-:If he is walking opposite you he has seen your cur vy hips from afar.
2.Her big b00bs and b**tts;-90% of guys are attracted to this features.Though,he may want to see the face first to know whether it complement.

3.Her beautiful face;-Some guys go for beauty first before anything.

4.Her thick and chubby stature;-This is one of my favorite.

5.Her petite frame;-Most guys love ladies with slim and small stature.

6.Her complexion;-Most guys are attracted to fair skin ladies.

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