Whether you find the idea of se.x during your period gross or exciting is up to you. Perhaps colored by society – many cultures and religions consider it taboo – we shy away from even talking about it. But as long as you’re prepared, s.ex during your period can be a great idea; just make sure it’s not the day you break out those white sheets!
1. It helps relieve cramps.
There’s no reason to stop having se.x just because you have your period. In fact, it’s a great time to have it. “The biochemical released in your system will help alleviate cramping and aches. S.ex is a natural pain reliever and can lessen pain symptoms up to 70%!” says love and se.x coach Kim Anami.
2. It acts as an anti-depressant. 
“Furthermore, according to Paul Zak, PhD, a researcher at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, the higher your oxytocin, the higher your happiness and well-being, at least for women,” says Sneider.
3. It increases in.timacy. 
Don’t feel awkward about the mess, se.x is messy (in general!) and for some couples overcoming the mess and breaking down the barriers can lead to increased intimacy and enjoyment, helping you feel closer to your partner, says Sneider.
4. There’s less risk of getting pregnant.
Does decreased risk of pregnancy turn you on? Well, check this out: If you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, having se.x during the menstrual period drastically diminshes the possibility of pregnancy. “However, remember that is not a 100% proof and sperm can live up to 72 hours. So if you have se.x during your last day of your period without protection the possibility of getting pregnant is even higher,” says Sneider.
5. The s.ex is hotter.
Your hormones are out of control this time of month, and as messy as your period may be, it leads to extra lubrication, better pelvic muscle tone and increased elasticity – all spelling way more fun in the sack, says  Dr. Susan Lin, an obstetrics gynecological surgeon and founder ofMD Products.

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