A young 18-year-old girl has narrated to relationship expert, Deidre how she fell in love with her s exually active boss.
I get a real buzz from having s*x with my boss but he’s the same age as my dad. I’m a waitress in a franchised restaurant. My boss is lovely and we seemed to click straight away.
He offered me the job on the spot when I went for the interview. I’m 18 and he’s 44 and separated with two boys. He split up from his wife six months ago. I love my job, and having such a great boss makes it easier to go into work every day.
My boss decided to go away to do a food hygiene course and he asked me to go, too. The three-day course was really intensive but we helped each other out. He asked me to go out for dinner with him on the last night after the course ended and said he’d pay for us to stay another night at the hotel.
We had a fabulous meal in a really nice restaurant. I didn’t know what half the things were on the menu. He ordered a lovely wine and then a second bottle. We headed back to the hotel and he invited me to his room for a night cap.
The s exual tension was electric. He pulled my chin up towards his face and kissed me. It felt incredible to be kissing a real man, not just a lad.
He said, “I want to make love to you”, and he was so gentle as he took my clothes off. We had s*x. I know it was wrong but I had feelings for him and he must have had feelings for me.
We’ve started seeing each other outside of work whenever we can and now it is official, we’re dating. It’s all so exciting but I am worried about what my parents will say. Is this relationship just a short-term thing? I don’t want to be left heartbroken.

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