1. They "ass-lick" ladies to develop friendship

The act of ass-licking is very common to some guys who have no babes. You see them loitering around a lady's social page just to crave attention. They do this by showering praises, liking both relevant and irrelevant pictures, thanking a lady for accepting their requests and doing other degrading things. This absurdity is very common on facebook

2. Sending unsolicited messages

They never give up even if their mails are ignored (lai lai). They keep on trying their best and before you know it, they have already sent 100 unsolicited mails a day and will still be sending more. Sometimes they are forced to quote the lady reminding her replying their private messages. This is a very common trait with single guys that are battling with inferiority complex

3. They lash out to the lady when ignored

Many will agree with Tosyne2much that when the lady seems not to give them attention they begin to troll and wage war against her. They develop hatred towards her and will use every opportunity to lash out to her. They open multiple accounts just to frustrate her life.

4. They derail the relationship of others

Some get bittered when they see others having sweet relationships. They are envious of them and do everything to derail it by either spreading rumors or blackmail them. This is very common to single guys that are very immature.

6. Attention seeking attitude

Some even put up attention seeking posts with the hope of scoring cheap point. They talk about how money is not their problem, how ladies are flocking around them and how they find it easy to get ladies in bed.

6. They are always online at odd hour

It's not as if they are vigilantes or night guards but they don't sleep at appropriate time. Even at 1am, they will be busy looking for anything that has "f" on the profile. When you ask why they are awake, they will lie that they slept in the afternoon but can't catch sleep at night

7. They jubilate when a girl quotes them

When a lady quotes or replies their mentions, they begin to make investigations about her. Even though they are very stingy, this is when they will give out money to someone who never even asked them for financial assistance.
They assume the lady in question likes them to have replied their mentions hence their happiness.

8. They are always fond of talking about sex online

When you see a post that has to do with kitty-cat, boobs or butts, they are usually the first set of people that will take the front page. They begin to talk about how good they are in bed even though they their joysticks are already full of cobweb.

9. They are quick to say "Nigerian girls don tire me"

Those who have never been lucky finding the right partner despite their effort, so when the issue of ladies is being discussed, you find them saying they are fed up of Nigerian babes and are considering dating ladies from Mozambique, Cotonou, Senegal and Malawi.

10. They discourage other guys from helping their girlfriends financially

Some guys have been duped and dumped afterwards, therefore, they come online discouraging other guys from helping their girlfriends in times of need. Sometimes you hear them saying that thunder should strike them if their N5 ever reaches out to any lady again.

I drop my pen at this juncture

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