As easy as it may seem, not every man know how to approach a lady and make his intentions known towards her and a lot of men delay and delay, not because they don’t want to approach her, but because they don’t know how to approach a lady and while some other men who make the move, end up being making themselves look a bit weird or stupid.
“A lot of men get ridiculed because they don’t know how to let their intentions known to a lady, while so many men end up being too persistent to the point where they are seen as pests so don’t lose your dignity because you like a lady, and these tips will show you just how not to lose it”.
Here are ways to make your intentions known to a lady and still maintain your pedigree.


Build some familiarity: “It’s good to create some familiarity with the lady you admire before taking your next step, building some familiarity will make her warm up to you and then it will become easier to know a little more about her and just how to follow her up”.
 Don’t wait for too long: “In the process of creating familiarity, don’t wait too long; you’re not the only one interested in her, neither are you the only one making a move. Waiting too long could kill the excitement and she could then put you in the friend zone level, which is very difficult to come out from”.
Be confident: “Every woman loves that bit of confidence from her man and confidence is an attribute that will make her endear herself to you; you don’t have to believe she would say yes to you, just believe in yourself irrespective of what she says, see yourself how you want her to see you; confidence is very transparent and easily noticed and let her see the confidence in you and even if she isn’t interested in you, it would be quite difficult for her to put you off compared to when she sees you as a man lacking in confidence”.
Take her out on a date: “If you can afford it, take her out on a simple date, not because you want to impress her but because you want to create a warm and friendly environment that will make her warm up to you; take her out on a date and create a bit of friendship with her before letting the cat out of the bag”.
Be ready to accept whatever answer she gives: “Where many men falter is by thinking she’d say yes to you; she doesn’t have to say yes to you simply because you like her so be ready to accept her decision no matter what, there have been cases of men who got rejected by the woman they liked, but they still got her later in future so be ready to accept and respect her decision and if you believe she could accept you later on, be mature about your approach”.

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