Men could guard their thoughts very very well, but if you search hard and patient enough you can get to into a man’s deepest thoughts and understand what he wants, the way he acts and the actions he takes.
When a man sees the woman he wants to get married to, there are some things he secretly desires she’d bring to the marriage even if he might not say it.
Here are some secret things every man want from their wife to be:

MEN WANT TO BE CARED FOR: “These days men want to be pampered and cared for by their wife; they want a woman who would be sweet and romantic to them also, while women openly desire this, me secretly desire this”.
MEN WANT TO FEEL WANTED: “Men secretly desire their wife to want them; that is to value them and hold them in high esteem, they want their wife to be proud of them and to cherish them as this would really make him feel like a proud husband”.
A WOMAN WITH A BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER: “Men secretly and to a large extent expect their wife-to-be to bring peace, joy and love to the home; they want a peaceful marriage and one that would be beautiful, no man wants a drama-filled marriage”.

TO BE LISTENED TO: “Men secretly want their wife to listen to them, listen to what they have to say and in that way they’d be understood, they want their wife to value what they have to say and just be someone who can listen to his problems, good news and worries”.
RESPECT: “Men want to be respected by their wife, and they expect that wife-to-be to have this character of respect; they don’t want to be treated with disdain and be belittled by their wife”.
INTIMACY: “In many marriages, men get to beg for s3x and attention but men don’t want this, they want intimacy from their woman and they expect it to come naturally”.
PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE: “Truly, men understand that they could be annoying at times and do things that could make their woman angry, but they don’t want their wife to be critical of them and continually point out their flaws; men want their wife to be patient with them and tolerate them as well”.
TO BE LOVED EVEN AFTER HAVING KIDS: “Researchers have found that women’s love for their husbands tend to be divided after having kids, and the kids even have a greater share of the love than the husbands most times, men want to be loved even after having kids”.
ROMANTIC: “Men also expect their wife-to-be to be romantic towards them and thrill them with romantic gestures as well, many women expect their husbands to be romantic towards them but they forget to pay back this gesture to their man and most men secretly want to marry a woman who would thrill them with r0mance”.

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