While most men love s3x, a lot of women don’t really see s3x as something fun and exciting; the few times they have s3x, they just wish it would be quickly done with.
A lot of men have married women who don’t really enjoy s3x and it is causing a serious problems in those homes.
A lot of psychological and physical reasons make a lot of women see s3x as something annoying and irrelevant, and below are some of the signs women show when they don’t really like s3x:

THEY SEE IT AS AN OBLIGATION: “Women who don’t like sex see it as an obligation in marriage; to them it’s a chore they have to do to keep their man happy and satisfied; they never look forward to it; they just see it as a boring duty they wished never existed”.
THEY NEVER INITIATE IT: “Women who hate s3x never initiate it, you only initiate things you love and look forward to but because they don’t enjoy it, they never make the first move’.
IT’S SEASONAL: “Women who enjoy s3x love to have lots of it but women who don’t enjoy it see it as something that should be done once in a while, women like these would go long periods without having s3x and they wouldn’t care or even notice”.
THEY NEVER DO THE SEXY STUFFS: “A wife who loves s3x would want to look sexy for her man; she would wear sexy lingerie and sexy nighties just to look appealing, but the wife who doesn’t would mostly wear those “not tonight” kind of nighties, wives who hate s3x rarely do sexy things because they unconsciously try not to have s3x”.
SHE REJECTS YOUR APPROACH A LOT: “When with a woman who doesn’t like s3x, she would definitely reject many of your approaches for s3x; you would definitely receive lots of “not tonight” honey”.
SHE GETS IRRITATED AT YOUR APPROACH: “A wife who hates s3x would even get irritated at your advances most times, your advances would leave her frustrated and irritated most times”.
THE S3X IS RARELY PASSIONATE: “When she eventually agrees to have s3″x with you, it would lack passion and excitement; it would be somewhat mechanical and boring.

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