We have all experienced a dry spell at least once in our lives, some people experience it even when they are dating or married and if you think it is only men that are desperate to get laid, then you’re wrong. Women get antsy too when they don’t get s3x, for someone who is already s3xually active your body might experience some changes if you stop getting it for so long. Even if you don’t openly admit it, you miss s3x and you want some action.
So if you have been feeling a bit off lately, chances are you’re not getting enough of it. Below are some telltale signs you are not getting enough s3x:

You’ve have become a master in pleasuring yourself; In fact, your recent searches are s3x toys sites and you’re contemplating on either buying one or already have one that’s wearing out.
You’re always in a bad mood; You’re grumpy, get angry too easily with each other in case you are dating and can’t find ways to vent your frustration; lack of s3x often causes mood swings.
It’s not enjoyable when you eventually do it; Having s3x after a long gap can get painful, the first time penetration is difficult because the vag!na becomes tight.
You’re dreaming about s3x and having wet dreams regularly, you keep fantasizing about it and your list of wild fantasies is increasing.
You don’t worry when you’re period is late because you are confident you haven’t got any action in a long time and even if the doctor insists, you’re adamant you don’t need a pregnancy test.
You feel s3xually attracted to others frequently, a slight brush with a handsome colleague or a friend coming close for a hug or just casually makes you weak in your knees.
The fancy lingerie is at the bottom of your pile of clothes or you don’t even remember you had a few pairs; you look at lingerie but then move on to some other shopping because you don’t need them currently.

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