1. He feels immense joy whenever he sees you.
Whether he’s tired or irritated from work or he just isn’t in the mood seeing you puts a smile on his face and fills his heart with warmth. You shine a light on his world and you should cherish it.
  1. He always listens.
Maybe we can be a bit boring with our girl problems and our endless chit-chats but if he truly loves you he’ll just listen without saying a word. He’ll never say you talk too much because he loves to listen to you and knows it’s important for you.
  1. He has nothing but respect for you
Your opinion really matters to him and he’ll listen to everything you have to say, be it something meaningless like his new haircut or something more important.
  1. He never complains that you take up most space in bed.
You might be a small person but you probably take up most of the space on your bed. Still he doesn’t mind and lets you do it night after night. That’s true love.
  1. He helps you with everything
He’s your rock and always there to lend a helping hand.
  1. Dates are just as important to him.

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