Just as every woman have relationship expectations, men also have things they expect from a relationship. They have things they expect from their woman and things they don’t.
Here are top things every woman must stop doing if she really wants to keep her man

EXPECTING HIM TO BE PERFECT: “Every woman expects her man to be loving and caring everyday but men might not be sweet everyday and that’s just the honest truth; don’t expect a man that is flawless and without mistakes but this doesn’t mean men would deliberately not try to be better versions of themselves”.
NOT TRUSTING HIM: “If you really want to keep your man, you need to start trusting him, sometimes as men they do things that might make a woman stop trusting them but they also need you to learn to trust them again; no man enjoys having a partner that doesn’t trust him”.
YOU USE S3X AS A TOOL: “Most women know that men don’t joke with s3x so they try to use it as a tool to manipulate him; men hate it when women use s3x to manipulate them no man like their partner withholding s3x from them until their wish is granted”.
ACTING LIKE HIS MUM: “If you want to keep your man, you need to stop acting like his mother; stop acting like he can’t make his own decisions even if his decisions might backfire and be wrong sometimes but that doesn’t mean you should scold him like you are his mother; no man enjoys that”.
NOT BELIEVING IN HIM: “If you want to keep your man, you need to start believing in him; every man wants a woman who believes in his dreams and supports his dreams and every man needs a woman who would stand by him no mater what, men hate it when the woman they love looks down on their dreams”.
COMPARING HIM WITH OTHERS: “If you want to keep your man, you need to quit comparing him with others; you make him feel like he isn’t good enough for you when you compare him with others, some women even tell their man how s3x with an ex was so good you can never keep a man if you do this”.
DISRESPECTING HIM: “You need to stop disrespecting your man if you want to keep him; it is so wrong to belittle your man and treat him like he is a no body, you push him away from you when you do this”.

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