https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/mercy-johnson-okojie-and-family-640x431.jpgWith each passing day, more and more marriages are packing up; it is almost like “For better, for worse” no longer holds water, and nobody cares about preserving that entity called marriage again.
The truth is almost every marriage is on the verge and it only takes a course of action to totally mar it which is why everyone who desires to have a family someday has to get adequate knowledge on how to make things work.
Marriage is like a flower, it requires grooming and nurturing to keep it alive and healthy and this should come from both sides, but today we will be talking about what women can do on their part to make their marriage successful.

Love your husband: “Nobody really marries someone they don’t care about, but even after marriage, it shouldn’t stop or change. If anything, it should grow and get better; if your husband does anything to make you second guess his own feelings towards you, open up about it because staying mute might eventually affect how you think of him too, love conquers all because a marriage that has this primary ingredient never dies”.
Understand and play your role: “Apart from loving your husband, your other responsibility is to show the same to your children; take care of them, support them, know their problems and their weaknesses so you can help them be better, your husband doesn’t expect you to lose sight of this responsibility, no matter what, they’re just as much your responsibility as they’re his”.
Avoid pointless arguments: “Your man isn’t perfect, so he can’t make the right decisions all the time, but instead of arguing about it, why not quietly point out the error or bad judgement?arguing about it is pointless, and might end up creating a negative reaction, you are supposed to be partners; not competitors”.
Be very mindful of jealousy: “Jealousy is perhaps one of the biggest home wreckers one can think of; a bit of it is natural where love is, but if unchecked, can consume one, and create disharmony and hate in a loving marriage and it will lead to distrust and full your mind with unnecessary fear so do not doubt your husband’s love unless there’s evidence to prove so because trust is important for a lasting union”.
Pray: “There’s nothing that can really be done without a bit of support from up above, the spiritual is real, believe it or not there is no home that was successful without God being its foundation; you must continue to ask God for wisdom for living, and to show you the best way to manage your home”.

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