Reno Omokri in his today’s epistle on his #RenosNugget spoke on the issue of pre-marital sex. According to him, if you allow a man sleep with you outside of marriage, even if he marries you, you have tacitly approved to him that sex outside marriage is allowed.
Read what he wrote below…
If you allow a man sleep with you before marriage, even if he ends up marrying you, you already taught him that sex outside marriage is permissible to you. What he did with you, he will do with other women after the marriage because of the standards you set for him.
Men talk to each other about sexual escapades. A problem with premarital sex is that when you engage in it too much, your reputation spreads and you will have many men eager to have their share of you, but not eager to share their lives with you in marriage #RenosNuggets

Why should a woman be more careful about her reputation than a man? Because a man who sleeps around is celebrated by society as a stud while a woman who does the same is denigrated by society as a slut. It is not fair. Society is not fair. But life is not fair #RenosNuggets
One of the greatest errors of judgment amongst children of God is the erroneous belief that only God performs miracles. Satan performs miracles too. And much more often. By their fruits you shall know them, not by their miracles #RenosNuggets
Whether you have a pay as you go subscription or you have a contract subscription, what you have is still a phone. Whether you pay directly before service or you pay indirectly by maintaining her and footing her bills, who you have is still a prostitute #RenosNuggets
Dear men,
You dont marry for child bearing. You marry because of love. Putting away a wife because she hasn’t or can’t bear a child is worse than being animalistic, because even animals don’t do so. There are ways of getting around it. Adoption. Surrogacy. Use them #RenosNuggets
See screenshot below…

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