I don’t care about the judgement right now.
Doctors, please help me and put me through my difficult time.
I discovered that I am pregnant after a blood test, the pregnancy was not up to Four weeks because I was suppose to see my period on 6th of January. My last Period date was 14th December.
I took Miso-fem, 800mg vaginally on 9th of January, there was cramps and pains but no bleeding at all. I took the second set the next day by placing the tablets under the tongue and yet no bleeding. I was scared because there was serious pains but I did not even drop a blood.

On Friday, I went for Ultra Sound. The man that attended to me said that if the pregnancy is not up to 4 weeks, It will not show on the scan. I asked him if I was not suppose to see blood after taking Miso-fem even if the pregnancy is not up to a month. He answered affirmatory that I was suppose to bleed.
I talked to a Nurse, the Nurse advised me to get Cytotec.
On Sunday, I bought Cytec. I used it vaginally as well, there was pains but no bleeding. Up till now, I have not bleed after taking Miso-fem and Cytotec. I have been doing exercise hoping it will push out the blood.
What could be the problem? Is there any explanation for this? I have not see my period, no blood and my breasts are sore. Am I still pregnant? Will I bleed later?

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