Hi friends my name is Kingsley, I am currently in love with a sugar mummy (married but lonely lady from Ghana) whose husband is multi millionaire and living abroad, London precisely. I am second year (200L) student of a popular University in Africa (I choose not to mention my school name, it’s not of importance here). Let me teach you how I met my lady and how you too can meet a woman that is financially okay and ready to pay your bills.
Life was very difficult for me in school last year due to no finance, I tried getting a scholarship and it didn’t work out. So a friend of mine introduced me to an online business but on the process of learning that online biz, I came into a wonderful website callThey connect single ladies to their soul mates. I started following them until I met one Ghana woman that is very rich. My life never remained the same. I travel to Ghana 2 times in a month to see her, she pays all my flight fees and just last week she bought a Highlander Jeep for me. Pictures below.

Enough of that story, let me show you how to meet a rich lady on this website…
  1. Make sure you follow their new posts and comment your phone number, email and BBM pin. Always be among the first person to comment. Most Sugar mummies are busy so they don’t have enough time to check all the comments…they only check the first ones.
  2. Go to your whatsapp, Facebook and BBM and change your display picture (dp) to a very fine image. Don’t use another person’s pics o, I mean use a sharp picture of yourself that is mature. This is because they will check your profile before adding you.
  3. Submit your email in the email subscription box for SUGAR MUMMIES ALERT. It will help you to be among the first to know when fresh ladies arrive.

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