Guys before I write-up all I need is your advice and not insult on my error,
I will be brief, Last week Monday I transferred money (#280,000) from my mom bank acct to mine thru her fone with first bank ussd code without her knowledge hoping to gain more money nd i ll refund the money bck becos dis is nt d first tym doing it.
I have been doing it nd av been working out bt unfortunately for me luck wasn’t on my side dis tym around. I lose the money then last week Thursday I had to transfer (#300,000) to my acct to see if I can regain the 280k back thru bet9ja but I also lost the money
Then on Saturday I tried if I can still transfer 100k maybe dis tym around I ll regain the money back, but to my surprise wen I input the code all I get on her phone is
“You have been denied access to use this service contact the bank for more information”.
I just don’t knw maybe its due to the transfer I made becos mine dad is also using first bank and his fone is no saying dat. And dis morning my mom have gone to work n she will want to transfer money to my senior brother thru her fone, am sure she ll gt d same response wat if she decide on going to first bank to find out wat is wrong. Pls Nairalander I jst don’t know wat to do.
I need you guys advice n response on this asap. The worst thing is that I added first bank to screening number so she won’t be able to get alert n I stored one of my number in her contact as first bank, so I gv her alert with the number I stored on her fone.
But she has been suspecting that alert do come late which suppose to be immediately…. And she ll becoming back by 5pm, am speechless cos I don’t knw wat to tell her I use the money to do, once my fada comes back n hear dis am dead. Pls guys your advice is all I need

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