Just because a woman doesn’t nag about something is not a reason for you to think she does not need them; there are certain things your woman expects from you but she would never ask for them so you won’t say she is nagging.
Here are 7 things your lady needs from you.
Undivided attention: “She might never tell you this but not giving her this might cause your relationship more harm than good; she expects you to take time to focus on her when she’s talking to you and she always wants your undivided attention and she always knows when you just pretend and nod your head, to make your relationship work, learn to give her undivided attention”.

Respect: “Every man wants to be respected but how many men really respect the woman in their lives?she needs and deserves your respect; she knows the both of you might not agree on everything but she expects you to hear her out respectfully during a disagreement, try to see things from her own point of view and don’t just act like she’s always talking nonsense and she wants you to listen to her ideas and give them serious consideration”.
A nice treat every now and then: “She might never nag about this too but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t expect a little indulgence every now and then; don’t be too busy to give her a little royal treatment, take her to the spa, a nice restaurant or anything you know she would enjoy and you shouldn’t wait until she nags about this before you give her a royal treatment; you don’t have to go broke giving her a nice treatment as there are several inexpensive treats you can give her”.
Common goals: “Everyone is unique and different but having a common goal keeps your relationship strong; she expects the both of you to have a common goal, this is necessary because setting and achieving goals keeps both partners engaged in the relationship”.
Be her best friend: “This is another need she has and won’t probably tell you, she understands you need to be with your buddies every now and then but she also expects you to be a best friend that she can talk to every day, who opens up to her and who listens to her too”.
Intimacy: “It’s important men stop seeing intimacy in terms of s3x; women view intimacy differently and a woman sees intimacy as emotional closeness, she expects you to meet her need for intimacy by enjoying a hobby together with her, hugging her always, holding her hand and kissing her often without actually thinking of s3x”.
Be confidence: “Every woman expects her man to be confident and bold; just, because she wants you to be a confident man, is no reason for you to confuse this to mean she wanting you to be overbearing and brutish; several studies have shown that men who are confident without being arrogant are more attractive to women”.

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