http://photos.myjoyonline.com/photos/news/201707/6501537669294_4151157897483.jpgCourtship is an important aspect of people’s lives, it is that time intending couples get to know more about each other and discover their compatibility but courtship period may not show more about one’s partner because people often pretend during this period as to gain love from their partners. “Desperation often makes people do the things they would not do ordinarily; people tend to put up a different demeanour when marriage is in view, in this part of the world, people get bothered when they reach a particular age and they are unmarried, pretence is a word that is not so far-fetched in situations like this”

Despite all these, the way some signs can make one know if a man would be abusive in marriage same way there are some signs that will make you know a lady that will sleep around after marriage but because of love most people tend to ignore warning signs in their relationship and move on to the stage of marriage.
“If the relationship is aimed at marriage, then it is very important for men to watch out for these signs in order to have a blissful marriage, here are some of the signs that say your woman would sleep around while you are married to her:
When she flirts with everyone
When she receives so many anonymous calls

When you cannot satisfy her S3xually
When she is secretive
When she enjoys being psyched by other men
She becomes your enemy when you are broke

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